The Starry Teller (Part 1)

The Story/Starry Teller (Part 1)


Stars. So many of them in the vast sky. Each one burdened with a wish to fulfill. As they begin to create the dream, they begin to make a wish into reality.After fulfilling a dream, the star lost it’s purpose and dies out, becoming a black hole, that sucks anything that comes close. We are the same . Except our job is to be happy. Once we’ve done that, we can die and rot away. That’s why we live for so long, it takes us an age to be truly happy. Some say it’s illness and old age, but that’s when we realise what true happiness is. Most of you don’t know what happiness is.

Should I tell you? If I do, you must swear to secrecy. come closer and listen carefully, what I’m about to tell you is Top Secret.Being happy is not having any desires. Not having anything to hope for. It is being absolutely content with what you already have. Only then you can you be happy.

If we did not wish on stars, there would be more than infinity, more than numerous, more than countless. Stars and Happiness, they hold hands.


Who knew that black holes could look this beautiful? A stunning creation by @jorgexpo  Jorge Lopez Ramirez.:

Fact Of The Day

Only Stars with large masses turn into a black hole, not even our sun would turn into a black hole if it died. Normal stars die and turn into a ‘black dwarf’.

Author: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink

I like devouring books a lot. Sometimes I stroke them or smell them and I read them a lot too. Books are kind of my life right now. if you want to know when to arrange my funeral, then just ask how many chapters I have left of my book. Want to rob me of my money? Just flash some pretty books in front of me and I will fall to my knees. What can I say? Books and i have a great relationship!

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