The Starry Teller (Part 2)

The Sun
The Story/Starry/Sunny Teller (Part 2)



She was lonely. She had no friends. They all came out at night.

She didn’t ask to shine during the day.She didn’t ask to be so big and fiery.She didn’t ask to be the Sun.So, why did they blame me for it, she thought.She wished she hadn’t been born.She wished she wasn’t so lonely, only the clouds sometimes accompanied her.  Sun was sad and was becoming more sadder by the day.She wished that the stars would understand she didn’t want to be different.

Wait, the sun thought. She had just had the best idea ever. Stars could fulfill wishes. she was a star, could she wish on herself? As more possibilities and theories rose her inside Sun’s head, she came to a conclusion. If she was willing to fit in for a while, then she was ready to sacrifice her life. Anything to be normal, she thought. Tomorrow was a big day.

‘I wish I was like any other star, normal, nothing different’

The Sun began to make her dream into reality, knowing that once her dream had been fulfilled, she would slowly start dying. Her dream was ready. In a puff, she was a star, sitting in the darkness.

The world stops. The Sun is gone. Nothing survives. Not even the Sun herself, in the end.

Be careful what you wish for.

What an beautiful picture! What an amazing earth we have with what is here. We are blessed beyond our knowing.....:

Fact Of The Day

The Sun is all the colors in the rainbow mixed together, we only see yellow/white.

Author: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink

I like devouring books a lot. Sometimes I stroke them or smell them and I read them a lot too. Books are kind of my life right now. if you want to know when to arrange my funeral, then just ask how many chapters I have left of my book. Want to rob me of my money? Just flash some pretty books in front of me and I will fall to my knees. What can I say? Books and i have a great relationship!

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